Summer 2 Big Idea

I can’t believe it is the final half term already! Despite us being very busy, this year seems to have flown by! We have lots going on this half term to celebrate our Big Idea topic: ‘Born to Perform’.

We have music sessions with Mrs Pringle where we will be exploring space, we will be visiting Scarborough as part of our Geography work, and we will be finishing our year with the return of ‘Culture Week’.

How exciting!

Please see attached this half term’s newsletters.

Take care,

Miss Place


Early Bird


Arithmetic Friday


Look at your expanded noun phrases from yesterday.

Can you add another adjective into each of them so that your expanded noun phrase gives even more information?


‘four round eyes’ –> ‘four round, googly eyes’

REMEMBER: You will need a comma in between your adjectives!

Challenge: Can you put your expanded noun phrases into sentences describing the monster?

Golden Time (art)

Use your new pencil techniques that you have been learning with Miss Gill – shading, pointilism, etc. to decorate the star in the file below!

Cut your star out and bring it back to school with you. We will use it to decorate our classroom after the half term holiday!




Can you describe the monster using expanded noun phrases?

Remember, an expanded noun phrase has an article (tells you how many or whose – her – his – their – two – some – three, etc.) , an adjective (describing word) and a noun (thing or things).

E.g. four round eyes

Monster Pictures, Monster Stock Photos & Images | Depositphotos®



Make your own moving polar bear!

You will need:

White card/paper





Early Bird


Today in maths, we are learning about adding equal groups.

Watch the video above and then have a go at the questions in the file below.

Word Power

Today is our spelling quiz. Ask someone at home to quiz you on your spellings!


Impress an adult at home by looking at the photos on the left of the image above. Can you tell them some facts about polar bears that relate to these photos?

Then, read through the different coloured paragraphs on the right. Which sub-heading would each one fit?

Finally, using the photos on the left (and the different coloured paragraphs if you need to), create your own paragraphs of writing to fit the first two sub-headings.

Remember your beautiful handwriting (with whooshes), your capital letter and full stops.

When you have finished, read through your writing with an adult. Can you read it? Have you made any marvellous mistakes? This is your time to change them if you have!



See what you know – don’t worry if it’s tricky. This is an initial quiz and we haven’t learnt lots of it yet. Watch yourself improve as we go through the module!

Word Power:

Quick write!

Choose one of your spellings from the list below.

How many times can you write each one in 60 seconds?






Watch the link below about expanded noun phrases.

Can you think of some expanded noun phrases to describe the polar bear in the picture below?

Polar bear - Wikipedia

Can you put the expanded noun phrases into sentences?

Aim to write 8!

BIG IDEA (Drama/Reading)

Look at the polar bear poem below.

Can you make up some actions for it to help you to learn it?

Perhaps you could film it and send it to us at school!

We would love to see your performance!