Thursday 07.10.21 work

Maths: Fact Families and number bonds to 20! Number bonds are numbers that add together to make a certain number. 1 + 19 = 20 1 and 19 are number bonds of 20. Can you write all of the number bonds to 20? Then, here is your challenge question! English: A homophone is a word […]

Work for 05/06.10.21

Early Bird Phonics Write three sentences. Each sentence should have one of the /ue/ words above in it. Maths – Counting in 3s (Place Value) English L.O. To write letters starting and finishing at the correct places. L.O. To ensure that capital letters are larger than lower case letters. Pretend you are Paddington. Write a […]

Monday 4th October

Maths Talk through the pictures above with someone at home then have a go at the worksheet in the link above. Phonics Please see the attached file below. Revise our phase 5 sounds and the tricky words then practise reading the /tch/ words. Show your grown-up how we practise using ‘my turn… your turn’! Reading […]

Forest School Blog!

Please see all the wonderful things that Year 2 have been getting up to in the forest this half term!

Work if absent (one day’s worth)

English: Look at this dragon! Can you use expanded noun phrases to describe the dragon? e.g. a spotty dragon Can you describe the dragon’s nose? Can you describe the dragon’s smoke? Can you describe the dragon’s eyes? Can you describe the dragon’s ears? Maths:

Learn the song for our Harvest Assembly!

This week, we have started learning one of the songs which we will be performing in our Harvest Assembly later this half term. It’s a very catchy song! Here are the lyrics so that you can practise at home, Can you remember the actions and the expressions, too?

Welcome Year 2 2021-22!

Well, what a wonderful first week back it has been. It has been wonderful to see all of your happy faces and the impressive level of work you have shown me. We have been learning about ‘belonging’ in RE this week. We have thought about symbols in our every day lives (McDonald’s (the most popular), […]

Friday 5th March 2021

Today’s Live Session 11AM Today’s Live Zoom Subject: English Today’s independent work will be to write about what you have done during lockdown. I would like you to do this on your own. As it will allow me to see your great writing so that I can give you a big ‘well done’ and also […]

Thursday 4th March 2021

Yesterday’s Big Idea: PSHE Please find below the worksheet from yesterday’s PSHE in case you couldn’t find it. Apologies – the link took you to the PSHE booklet which had the workheet (but it was in amongst lots of other pages!) Please bring this worksheet to school with you on Monday alongside the PSHE worksheet […]

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

**PLEASE BRING YESTERDAY AND TODAY’S PSHE WORK WITH YOU TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY.** Today’s Live Session 11AM Today’s Live Zoom Subject: English During today’s session, we will read out the sentences we wrote yesterday and add adjectives to them to make expanded noun phrases. Early Bird Maths We begin each day with ‘Early Bird Maths’. […]

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