Work for 17.12.20


Watch the video below about converting pounds and pence and then have a go at the sheet.


Use the picture below as a stimulus to write your own story.

Think about adjectives (describing words) you could add into your story.

Remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Can you use any conjunctions, e.g. and, because, nor, however, yet, so, etc. ?


Read the text below. Can you ask an adult at home to quiz you on what you have read. How much do you understand?

You could show off a little… tell an adult as many facts as you can about Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks. I bet they will be impressed!

Work for 15.12.20

Early Bird Maths



Can you add the conjunctions into the sentences above to make them even better?


Think about a special day for you. It may be Christmas, Eid, your birthday, etc.

Can you write about what happens? What is said? Do you make/listen to music?

Describe a special day.

Work for 14.12.20

Early Bird Maths


Today, we are comparing money. Follow the link below to remind yourself of the greater than, less than and equal to signs. Play the games to practise your skills!

Then, have a go at the questions below.

English – Geoffrey has written a story but he forgot his capital letters and full stops!

Can you add them in for him?

PSHE – Watch the video below. Discuss what happens in it with an adult at home. What are the characters talking about?

Work for 10.12.20

Early Bird



With the facts you know about Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart in mind, think of 5 similarities between the two and 5 differences. Write them in your neatest writing, using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

WCR Read the text below. Can you write down three facts that you have learnt from it?

work for 07.12.20

Early Bird



Our special vocab for the Amelia Earhart topic is: accelerate, altitude, imagine and soared.

Can you find out what these words mean and write the definitions?


Follow the link below to draw a portrait of Rosa Parks. Remember how we practised drawing facial features. Can you use the skills you developed in this to help you?

Work for 07.12.20.

Early Bird RE

Think about what makes you happy and what makes you feel sad. Discuss this with an adult. Then, think about where you belong and what you are a part of. You are part of the Knaresborough community, you belong at your home, you may belong to a rainbows/scouts group or a football club.

Fill in the template of a person. You could draw and decorate your own.

RE: Morning job. Have you ever been to a baptism? Have you been baptised?

Watch the links on the webpages below.

Think about the special symbols/things used in a \Christian baptism. If you went to a baptism, what special things would you want to keep afterwards, and why? Can you draw them, too?

Have a go at filling in the sheet below.

English/History: Go onto the internet and see what you can learn about Amelia Earhart. Can you find 5 facts about her? Please record them.

Remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Maths: Follow the link below to practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Let me know how you get on!

Work for 04.12.20.

Early Bird – SpaG



Listen to the Amelia Earhart book being read on YouTube.

Use the link below to make a paper aeroplane. Can you write on your aeroplane any great vocab you see in the book? You can then decorate your plane and fly it!